Diana Shui-Iu Wong

Original concept
Plays herself and alter ego

Diana Shui-Iu Wong was born in Hong Kong where she attended the Chinese University. Her love of art took her to Italy at the Academia de belle Arte in Rome and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Decorative arts in the 6os. She then pursued further studies in classical paintings with several masters in Italy and in London. Her successful career as a professional artist spans four decades. She is also active in her many duties as gallery director, curator, and head of the American oriental Culture foundation in California.

Wong has exhibited extensively through out galleries and museums in new York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Milan, Tokyo and Shanghai. Her latest installation piece “The glass Labyrinth of the nine palaces” was permanently constructed on top of the ShangYuen art Museum in Beijing ,China.

From her early classical portraits and landscape to the vibrant cosmic paintings that characterize the artist’s passion in color and light through her recent nature and elemental concern on the origins of creation; Wong is using film, sound, music and dance to be included in her museum and gallery installations. In such a way Wong is enabling the opposite forces to connect and collide by combining Yin and Yang, East and West, the Sacred and the Humane.